What previous BMA winners have to say about the ICCA Best Marketing Award
'The ICCA Best Marketing Award is a great recognition for a project which has been launched by 4 co-founding cities (Ottawa, Geneva, Prague, and The Hague) only 11 months ago. This prestigious award proves that not only a collaboration of 22 Hybrid City Alliance members, but a collaboration of all the Meeting Industry stakeholders played a very important role in the past 2 years and this will remain also in the future.'

Roman Muska, Managing Director of the Prague Convention Bureau on behalf of Hybrid City Alliance, BMA Winner 2021
'We have really worked hard for this. For our destination it gives huge visibility. It really puts us on the map. Estonia is such a small destination and our team is only 3 people, so it is hard to get noticed. I think we got noticed now. We really feel like we have won the Oscars for the international meetings industry!'

BMA winner 2019, Riine Tiigi & Kadri Karu, Estonian Convention Bureau
'We are honoured to get this recognition from our global peers and the judging panel. It's a real endorsement of trying to pull together a strategy on a national level for Scotland to join everything together for the cities and the regions. We're thrilled to bits, and there's no higher endorsement than winning the ICCA Best Marketing Award. '

Mr. Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at VisitScotland Business Events, winner BMA 2018
'We are honored with this great recognition from our industry peers from all over the world. I dedicate this award to my whole team, because they made this all possible!'

Mrs. Anja Stas, Chief Commercial Officer of the FMCCA, winner BMA 2017
'We are delighted to have won this great award in front of so many industry peers. We would like thank the ICCA audience for increasing the reach of the #LondonisOpen campaign by 1600 new impressions and 159 new engagements.'

Tracy Halliwell, Director of Business Tourism of London & Partners, winner BMA 2016
'This award provides great global recognition for the city of Halifax and the provence of Nova Scotia, and the wonderful team at the Halifax Convention Centre. Bold, simple and fun, that is who we are.'

Scott Ferguson, President & CEO, Halifax Convention Centre, winner BMA 2015
'We are very honoured and proud to receive this very prestigious award. Our entire team has worked very hard in order to implement our new MICE Marketing campaign and this award shows that we are on the right path. Our sincere thanks goes to all ICCA members and jury that selected us for the ICCA Best Marketing Award 2014.'

Laurence Papouchado, Monaco Convention Bureau, winner BMA 2014
'We are more than honoured to receive the ICCA Best Marketing Award and at the same time we would like to congratulate the other finalists. We are convinced that even small projects with a very small budget can become a great success when you put your heart in them. We hope the Gdansk Christmas Baubles project will inspire ICCA Colleagues around the world to run similar CSR projects to solve problems within their own community.'

Anna Gorska and Marta Wisniewska, Gdansk Convention Bureau, winner BMA 2013
'It was our greatest honor for Bureau of Foreign Trade Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chinese Taipei to be shortlisted, we got our 12 minutes of fame and more delegates are aware of Taiwan. Given the prestige of the award, we considered it to be an innovative marketing tool for Taiwan to strategically position ourselves at the international level. This achievement once again proves that Taiwan has progressed from being a 'Made in Taiwan' label to 'Innovate in Taiwan'. Same as our meetings industry; we continue to thrive and shine the vision of our clients.'

Sin Chen, AtoS (Taiwan) Ltd., winner BMA 2012
"The ICCA Best Marketing Award is well known and respected in the meetings industry, so it was a huge honour for us to win it with the Glasgow Model and the World Parkinson Congress! We are really proud of the success that we have had with The Glasgow Model and the service it offers to our clients and thank the ICCA delegates for their support."

Aileen Crawford, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, winner BMA 2011
"We constantly strive to be creative and innovative in the work we do. Winning the ICCA Best Marketing Award, one of the biggest accolades in our industry for this work is truly wonderful. What is even better is that we won it as a joint submission between our client, the World Parkinson Congress, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, and the SECC. Being recognised and honoured by our industry peers is a humbling but at the same time highly motivating experience."

Ben Goedegebuure, Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC), winner BMA 2011
"I'm almost overwhelmed - this is such great news. To get this sort of recognition from your peers just can't be described, and I'm so looking forward to spreading the news to my colleagues and friends back home in Iceland."

Anna Valdimarsdottir, Iceland Convention and Incentive Bureau, Iceland, winner BMA 2010
"Winning the ICCA BMA is extremely important to Norway Convention Bureau and we are so pleased to have received this recognition from our colleagues in the industry! As we said and believe: our colleagues can be our best ambassadors! It really gives a lot of motivation for our stakeholders in Norway to continue the work we have started as a team. I believe that it is also motivates other Convention Bureaus around the world to see that you can achieve great results from small budgets, - if the strategy is the right one. Thank you all for voting for Norway, and thank you ICCA!"

Bente Bratland Holm, Convention Director, Norway Convention Bureau, Norway, winner BMA 2009
"It was an honour for the Bureau to be shortlisted and a thrill to have won the ICCA Best Marketing Award in2008. The Award has helped raise our profile as a budding destination for events, and is a testimony to the fact that a new destination like Sarawak is ready for business! I highly recommend participating in the Award as a way to be recognised amongst your peers, and to enhance your organisation's profile."

Mike Cannon, Managing Director, Sarawak Convention Bureau, Malaysia, winner BMA 2008
"We live in a society that reduces desire to something that can be calculated, whereas what men truly desire is not to comply with any calculation or limit. We always aim to desire something more, something better, something happier for our families, our friends and our work. Thanks to the opportunity of presenting our project to the ICCA Assembly, I tasted part of that happiness and I now look at the future to experience more and more."

Luigi Cammi, Chief Executive Officer, Promo Leader Services, Italy, winner BMA 2007
"Glasgow City Marketing Bureau is over the moon to have won the ICCA Best Marketing Award 2006! It was a great privilege to present to our colleagues in the industry and there is no doubt that they can be the most critical and demanding when assessing marketing campaigns- and rightly so. To have the industry recognising our efforts is simply brilliant, and the team here in Glasgow were partying all day at the news of the win. It's a big deal to win the award, and it's a big deal for everyone here in Glasgow. Thanks ICCA!"

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau Ltd., U.K., winner BMA 2006
"This award from the world's leading conference industry organisation is the ultimate acknowledgement of our work over the past 25 years. The judging by our international peers and the jury focused on creativity, market orientation, effective implementation and return on investment. Conferring the award on Grazer Congress is recognition of our reliance on creative marketing to achieve the optimum results on low budgets."

Nikolaus Breisach, CEO, Grazer Congress, winner BMA 2005
"Winning the Best Marketing Award once was a great honour, but becoming the first organisation ever to win it twice is sensational. It has raised Perth's international profile as an exciting meeting destination and importantly for us, reassured stakeholders that our 'non-traditional' approach to destination marketing is recognised as leading edge by our peers. It is also pleasing that the awarded programme can be easily replicated in other countries and enables the meeings industry to give something back to our local communities by improving facilities for disabled visitors."

Jill Henry, General Manager, Perth Convention Bureau, winner BMA 2004 and 2001
"Two main reasons moved us to present our candidature for the Best Marketing Award 2003. Firstly, given the prestige of the award, we considered it to be an excellent marketing tool on the basis of which to make ourselves known to the industry at international level, in line with our strategy of making an opening for ourselves on international markets and, secondly, because we were sure of our chances. We were convinced that over the 5 years of launching our conference centre we had developed a marketing strategy which was highly attractive to the sector. The award has undoubtedly contributed to making not only the Kursaal Conference Centre but also the city of San Sebastian internationally familiar names, a factor serving as an excellent boost for our strategy of international positioning. This award has also been a factor of motivation and pride to both staff working at the Kursaal Centre and to the citizens of San Sebastian in general."

Jose Miguel Ayerza, Manager Director, Kursaal Center, winner BMA 2003
"Ovation Group is proud to be associated with the ICCA Best Marketing Award. In our business it is vital to constantly benchmark your activities against best global practices. Winning a prestigous international accolade such as the ICCA Best Marketing Award also provides a strong comfort factor for new and prospective customers and thus can play a core role in a company’s marketing proposition."

Patrick M. Delaney, CITE , Managing Director, Ovation Group, winner BMA 2002